Work 4 You is a social enterprise that creates real and meaningful job opportunities
for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Buy Wagalots

Wagalots are hand made and packaged with love and care for your dog. The process of baking Wagalots allows Work4You to transfer social, business and practical working skills into our youth. By purchasing Wagalots from suppliers across the Western Cape, you are directly enhancing the lives of young adults with intellectual disabilities by preparing them for the open labour market. In a highly competitive dog treat market, we can’t compete with the corporate heavies so we sure could do with your support in making an ethical and healthy choice for your pet. The next time your dog needs a healthy snack, think of Wagalots and if your local vet or pet shop doesn’t stock Wagalots, ask them to! Every penny of from the cost of a packet of Wagalots is injected back into our charity.
Become a supplier

We cherish our loyal Wagalots customers so why not offer them more opportunities to buy our products by supplying our treats? You could be a vet or a pet shop, or an online retailer that wants to offer a pet product with a difference. We are proud of our ethical and trusted brand in Wagalots and sure that you will be too. Have a look at our current supply base and see what you’re missing out on.